Interview with Sidney Toledano for the “La Provence” newspaper


For the occasion of the #OPENMYMED event which starts on 19 May, Sidney Toledano the CEO of the Dior Haute Couture House, answers questions from Agathe Westendorp for the “La Provence” newspaper.

During the interview he talks about his involvement as a long term sponsor of the Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), and his desire to support creativity. He describes Marseilles as a cultural crossroads, a perfect place to promote and bring together different Mediterranean fashion trends.

"Marseilles has always been open to the world. In fact it's in the city's DNA, since the time of Ancient Greece, to look towards the South and Africa. Whether you are Belgian of Italian, fashion functions best when it brings together and merges different creations and types of creativity."

A member of the Board of Directors, Sidney Toledano is also Mediterranean, "My father was Spanish-Moroccan and my mother from Turkey, so I consider myself a child of the Mediterranean! I was born in Casablanca in Morocco. At that time fashion was omnipresent, as was a certain style of living. The major Haute Couture Houses were there. In fact it was there that I learned what elegance was."

When asked what he thought about fashion in the South of France, he replied, "I am following closely the work of the couturier Yacine Aouadi. He has a lot of talent.(…) We should be training new talent ourselves! The South of France has a lot of real talent ready to emerge and develop."

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