The Itinéraire Mode experience for KODD[E]S

In collaboration with the tutorial group of the Masters 1 Degree Course In Fashion And Textile Metiers at Aix-Marseilles University (AMU)


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Created in 2010 by Isabelle Letouche, Kodd[e]s brings together a subtle mix of South African skills and know-how and the legendary "French touch": a creative alliance which allows the label to produce accessories in exotic leathers and hides with a unique style. They propose a form of social and ethical fashion, which immediately convinced the MMMM and opened the doors for the label to the M MAJOR competition in 2016.  

How would you define your style?
An ethno-chic style would be a good definition! What I mean by that is that my label Kodd[e]s gets it inspiration from a double heritage, from France and South Africa, in order to propose timeless and mixed style Fashion Accessories in a blend of Tradition, Modernity, Luxury and Ethnicity. Since 2011 my label Kodd[e]s is based in Aix-en-Provence. We play with original materials which have a South African identity; like the emblematic Springbok hides or Ostrich leather. We bring to them a touch of French chic. I like saying that I base my creativity on South African heritage and Aixoise modernity!

What did your participation in the M Major in 2016 do for you ?
The 2016 M Major put the spotlight on the label and brought recognition from both the profession and customers. It also provides support with the mentoring sessions which are rich in terms of discussions and exchanges, which in turn create opportunities. I also got external points of view which are new and objective, provided by professionals. Particularly concerning collection plans and strategy, etc. It helps to question yourself and helps with confidence.
Everything was a bonus for a small structure like mine.

What does the Itinéraire Mode event bring you?
For Kodd[e]s the Itinéraire Mode experience is a continuing collaboration, as I had already participated. Yes, the experience is interesting. It allows the label to be seen by the public and make sales. Sometimes, as is the case with Kodd[e]s and the boutique Wood in Aix-en-Provence and   Jardin Montgrand in Marseilles, it also creates real partnerships. 

Wood: 7, rue Méjanes – Aix-en-Provence
Jardin Montgrand: 35, Rue Montgrand – 13006 Marseilles

As part of the Itinéraire Mode experience, the label Kodd[e]s is organising a Tea Time at the boutique Wood on 17 November 2016 from 2pm to 7pm. To find out more: Facebook

Consult the Itinéraire Mode Journal HERE


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