Brigitte Macron en Alaïa

"France wants to help Tunisia, as you would help a brother or a sister...". This quote is taken from President Emmanuel Macron's speech and puts Marseille at the heart of its history and its cooperation with South Mediterranean countries.

Among the types of collaboration cited is the fashion industry, where the MMM actively participates with its 3 fundamental missions:

A University educationand training, which is the keystone; the OpenMyMed Prize competition which highlights a new generation which forms a Mediterranean style school of fashion; and the OpenMyMed Festival which invites the general public and media to share the cultural universe of a fashion designer and creator, and their view of the Mediterranean.

A reality underlined by Madame Brigitte Macron, wearing Alaïa, who visited the home and birthplace of the Franco-Tunisian couturier, Azzedine Alaïa, accompanied by his nephew Montassar Alaïa.

In 2018 the MMM has a programme of collaboration with Tunisia which makes sense, as the President underlined: "Tunisia has an immense responsibility as the Arab World, the Maghreb and all the other Mediterranean countries are looking to see how you are coping and need to see you succeed.

Brigitte Macron en Alaïa