FASHION DAYS x Marion Rosso


Fashion Days with Marion Rosso

An independent consultant at the RESSOURCING Agency and a member of the CAIRNSOLUTION network of experts, Marion Rosso is also a part-time lecturer in Intercultural Management and guest speaker at the Fédération Française de la Maille et de la Lingerie. In 2017 she joined the MMMM's team of experts,  working with young fashion designers on intercultural risk management in international negotiations.

At the last Fashion Day* on 21 June, Marion gave a tutorial to our affiliated fashion designers, to make them more aware of « How to manage cultural risks in professional relations ». For them it was an ideal opportunity to ask questions concerning the internationalisation of businesses and companies: Why should we be wary and careful when entering into international professional relationships, with suppliers and partner distributors for example? What about stereotypes? etc... They also had the opportunity of using new tools developed by researchers in anthropology and sociology, which help to better understand the cultural differences between 2 nationalities, using comparison indices such as communication methods, hierarchical relations, etc. These tools help manage cultural differences and turn them into strengths and advantages.

Jina Luciani, a laureate of the 2016 OpenMyMed Prize 2016 and today affiliated to the MMMM, talks about the Fashion Day, which helped her prepare for the Panorama Berlin where she is showing her next collection:
" The sociological impact explained by Marion Russo helped me better understand international suppliers and customers, and to have a greater awareness and knowledge when approaching and tackling the future projects of my label Occidente."

*Fashions Days are only open to MMMM affiliates

Fashion Days with Marion Rosso

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