Fanny Buchholz pour Benetton

The MMM reveals and puts on display the many faceted talented artists in Marseilles, which make up the vast world of Fashion, including creators, designers, craftsmen, industrialists, photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers, models...

Seven years ago, a young adolescent, Fanny Buchholz, who was passionate about fashion, and also happened to be the niece of Muriel Piaser, the MMM's Global Fashion Developer Consultant, asked if she could have an internship at the MMM... She was accepted. Then this young Mediterranean beauty made us want to photograph her, while at the same time we encouraged her to continue with her studies, but at the same time continue with modelling work. Fanny was quickly noticed by the prestigious Elite Milan agency. She went on to make international fashion spreads, including those produced by the MMM for Grazia Magazine, and in 2016 became the muse for the OpenMyMed Prize competition, photographed by Charlotte Lapalus... Our beautiful brown haired Mediterranean girl with her own ideas about her future, continues her ascension, and as Luciano Benetton said in one of his publicity spots "Eh eh... you recognised me..."“!

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Fanny Buchholz pour Benetton

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