Event : OpenMyMed 2019


It is with enthusiasm that we finally share with you the official visuals of our OpenMyMed 2019day and festive evening.

On the program this year, we have first invited our laureates and guests to a series of open conferences and open discussions at the innovation campus The Camp.

For the second part, it was at the Château Borély that we’ve ended up for a festive evening that aimed to introduce the OpenMyMed 19 exhibition to our laureates.



In order to animate one of the conferences, we had the honor to receive Nelly Rodi, a world-renowned fashion expert, fashion consultant and founder of the eponymous agency.



Accompanied by Stanilas Vandier, they jointly presented the "Scenarii 2030": a forecast study on the evolution of fashion consumer behavior over the next 10 years.


Then, it was our General Director, Jayne Estève-Curé, who has presented the new identities and strategies of the MMM for the years to come.



For the third part, it's around a round table with fashion personalities, experts, as well as designers; that took place a conversation whose subject revolved around the future vision for the fashion industry and its needs.


In addition to Nelly Rodi & Stanilas Vandier, the 6 other participants were:


- Jina Luciani, president of the Maison Mode Méditerranée and founder of the brand Occidente Eco CollectionwWdx


- Sakina M'sa, administrator of the MMM, founder of the eponymous brand and the concept store Front de Mode.


- Cécile Raynal, commercial director of Tajima Europe


- Luis Carvalho, laureate of OpenMyMed 2019 from Portugal, who was the holder of the MMM prize last year : a workshop with Tajima Europe.


Finally, it was around a discussion / brainstorming session that we have invited our laureates to continue the conversation about our visions for the industry and to share our suggestions on how we can help each other and commonly improve the future of the Mediterranean fashion.



It was then at the Château Borély thatu we’ve met to offer to our laureates a visit of the OpenMyMed 2019 exhibition where their creations were presented.

An evening during which they could also meet influential personalities of the Mediterranean Fashion.



To conclude the evening, we have ended the festivities at an after party organized at Roof Top R2.



Many thanks to all the speakers at the various events, to the people who have helped to organize OpenMyMed 2019, to our sponsors, our guests and our laureates .


The program of the new OpenMyMed 2020 edition will soon be unveiled.

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The Camp - Photo Credit : Baptiste Lequiniou 

Festive evening : Château Borély, The Laureates, PhotoCall - Photo Credit : Gregory Gennaro & Julian Johannes Olbrich

After Party - Photo Credit : Gregory Gennaro & Julian Johannes Olbrich