Chaumont Zaerpour

The laureates of the OpenMyMed Prize 2015 Atelier Bartavelle will be part of the speakers at the roundtable "Back To Craft" that will take place on April 27th at Hyères festival, accompanied by the artistic director of Maison Michel, Priscilla Royer, or the journalist Alice Pfeiffer.


The creators Caroline Perdrix & Alexia Tronel will share during the conference their fashion experience and their strong link with the craft industry.


As a clothing brand with Mediterranean inspirations for singular and trendy women, the label embodies a conscious vision of the environmental issue, by advocating ethical production and by initiating projects such as "ITINERANCE" that promotes sustainable development and that also support the women's cause by offering a platform of visibility and advices to independent creators around the Mediterranean.

You can find them in MMM's OpenMyMed 2019 schedule, alongside 29 other 2010/18 laureates.

Atelier Bartavelle will be this Saturday, April 27th at 11:30AM at the Hyères Festival. More information here

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Chaumont Zaerpour