Espigas à Panorama Berlin

Laureate of the OPENMYMED PRIZE competition in the 2016 M MAJOR category, Bérangère Perret creator and designer of the label Espigas presents her 2017/18 Autumn-Winter collection at the Panorama Berlin Fashion Trade Show, thanks to the partnership put in place by the MMMM. Discover her career so far, up to Berlin. 

1.) Why are you participating in the Panorama Berlin Trade Show and what are your objectives here?
For me the  Panorama Berlin trade show is the perfect occasion to meet  international customers  from Eastern and Northern Europe. It is also a way of opening up the Russian market, as I was already approached at the  Who's Next trade show in Paris, which I participated in last September thanks to the MMMM.
I am at the stage where my label needs this sort of opening to afterwards be able to come back to Marseilles. I am also here looking for agents and boutiques, as well as European manufacturers.

2.) You were a laureate of the OPENMYMED PRIZE competition in the 2016 M MAJOR category. What did you get from your year with the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM)?
For me being a 2016 OPENMYMED PRIZE laureate was a real boost and a unique occasion to get involved with certain areas of expertise, to participate in important trade shows , and to exchange ideas and discuss with fashion industry  experts...covering several topics and domains for a  brand strategy.

3.) Since then, what are your projects, what are you doing now? What development strategy did you have?
Since then, I have become really aware that it is absolutely necessary that we concentrate on the commercial side of the business, finding agents and making sales!
That is the price to pay to develop the label.
As far as news is concerned, in the spring there is the Côté Sud trade show at Aix-en-Provence, which attracts both the public and professionals from the South of France, mainly well-informed and interested in lifestyle. This year I am taking a decent sized 9m2 stand to really be able to promote the label and its image. 
Also I am coming back to the Espigas concept store boutique at rue des récolettes, next to the Maison Empereur in Marseilles. 
One of my projects is to start high-end production in France, but it will take a certain time to put in place. The project is planned and undertaken in partnership with the Lycée du Dauphiné's fashion shoe and leather goods students at Romans-sur-Isère in the Drôme, in South East France. 
Finally, I think I will once again join other creators and designers and promote "la mode du sud" (fashion in the South of France), at Algiers Fashion Week and the Oran Fashion Show, in Algeria. My development strategy involves communicating about my products in countries outside France, and developing my network of boutique points of sale.

Visit the trade show here 

Espigas à Panorama Berlin

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