Intervention Dior - Master 2

On 20 October Emmanuelle Favre, Head of Human Resources at Christian Dior Couture and Karin Raguin, their Manager of Talent Development, met the students of the Masters 2 Degree Course in Fashion and Textile Métiers  at Aix-Marseilles University - AMU co-created with the MMMM. This was a unique occasion to discover the insides of the Maison Dior and the diversity of métiers and professions they use and propose, from fashion designs, to marketing, production and retail: a large and varied added-value process which is essential to appreciate fully when considering a professional career. An experience that the Masters 2 Students can make use of immediately when organising their work experience placement for next January, followed by their arrival on the jobs market later in the year. 

From Left to Right: Roland Kazan (AMU), Karin Raguin (Dior), Emmanuelle Favre (Dior), Matthieu Gamet (MMMM), Céline Hanart (AMU) and the Student of the Masters 2 Degree Course in Fashion and Textile Métiers.

Intervention Dior - Master 2

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