Collab Fashion – decrypted by Matthieu Gamet


Matthieu Gamet - © Anne Loubet

From Vetements runway shows with 17 popular brands collaborating, to capsule events between designers and sports brands, with the most recent being NikeLab with Riccardo Tisci; or special guests revisiting iconic products as with Chantal Thomass for Damart; to finish the list, which is non-exhaustive, there is the development of products at the crossroads of different but complementary universes with the racquet by American Vintage and Baliboa...

There are a lot of such collaborations nowadays, and the selection in our press reviews this week gives a rapid overview of just how extensive the possibilities are. Collabs have now become a fixed phenomenon in the fashion world; they add dynamism and provide a different view and interpretation by the duo, shaking up and mixing the different industry codes. 

Our President Matthieu Gamet, is a regular participant in such collaborations with his label KULTE. He gives us his vision and perspectives for this type of joint effort fashion from the viewpoint of the MMMM

1- What do you think about the phenomenon of collaborations and its latest developments?

MG – « I find it very comforting, as, with the KULTE label, we have been very much involved in this type of activity for the last 10 years, during which time we have developed around 200 products working on a joint effort collaborative basis. For me it is a good and beneficial direction for brands and labels to take. Whether they are in a development and construction phase and use the reputation and expertise of their partner to themselves become better known; or the other way round, they themselves are already established and well known and they want some new blood in their fashion design activity. » 

2 - In your opinion, what are the essential elements for a successful collaboration ?

MG – « Most importantly it is a meeting, getting to know one another, like in a couple. Something has to click, not simply and only in terms of the style and DNA of the labels and brands involved, but also, and above all, in terms of a general agreement and what each party wants to get out of the partnership. »

3- Kulte x Kaporal, how did you go about organising their collaboration?

MG – « In fact it is quite different as it wasn't a collaboration around a particular product, as mentioned above, but more of a financial merger. KAPORAL has a production and distribution licence for KULTE products; but to date no product or design collaboration has been undertaken.

It could be a serious option to consider and explore for a number of labels.»

4- What does this trend inspire for the MMMM ?

MG – « Supported by the advice of Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux, it is a trend I've wanted to promote since I began my mandate at the MMMM. Today the collaborative economy is very important in a number of sectors, and fashion is one of them. The saying « strength in numbers » is pertinent and valid. We are presently working on a number of projects in this direction, particularly relative to the future development of the "Itinéraire MODE -FASHION itinerary" Project that we want to put in place next year. »


Matthieu Gamet - © Anne Loubet

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