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Charlotte Moitessier created the press relations agency Cover Presse. After being a journalist for over ten years with a number of major French magazines, she chose to use her skills as a press agent to promote the most inspiring brands, events and personalities in Marseilles. Claverin Joaillier jewellers, the leather goods label Lila Jeanne, the humorist Briac, Le Festival d’humour M Rire comedy festival, and the concierge service Monsieur Major are, among others, members of her client list.

The Le Camas district of Marseilles (13005)

« I came to live in this area, which I adore, some eighteen years ago. At that time it was still very residential and nothing was going on. If you wanted to have a drink or go out for a meal, the nearest place was the Cours Julien. Then little by little things have changed... A local farmer’s market shop opened on the Boulevard Chave (Adèle , 51 boulevard Chave, 13005 Marseille). Then a fantastic Parisian style bistro opened, Chez Georges, where I particularly adore the Caesar's salad and the breakfast. It's just up the road!! (Chez Georges, 115 boulevard Chave, 13005 Marseille). Their address is in the Fooding Guide! There is an organic bakery (Les Mains Libres, 117 boulevard Chave, 13005), a traditional bakery where I order my tiered birthday cakes (Tendance Gourmande, 75 boulevard Chave) and a Corsican bakery which has marvellous sweet Brioche rolls (Casa Massilia, 2 rue Briffaut 13005 Marseille), they supply me with bread, cakes and cookies every day. Of course everyone in Marseilles comes to the 5th "arrondissement" for a cocktail at the "Parpaing qui flotte" Bistro (3 rue Goudard, 13005 Marseille) or to try one of their amazing dishes.
The problem? I only have a few months left to experience living in this exciting area, which still remains unknown (for a while) by the Bohos… I'm moving! »

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Charlotte Moitessier @Mona Grid