The Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale (IMPGT - Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance) was created in 1996 at the initiative of Robert Fouchet, with the support of Yvon Berland the President of Aix Marseilles University, with the aim of educating and training tomorrow’s managers to respect the values and principles of local and regional collective authorities.

Olivier Kéramidas, who unfortunately died last February, brilliantly managed the IMPGT for the last five years. He had an exemplary career as University Professor and Dean of the Institute. Christophe Alaux has been appointed his successor.

He is a University Lecturer in Economic and Social Sciences and also holds the Chair of « Territorial New Marketing and Attractiveness » which was created in 2013 with the support of 30 French territories. This unique territorial Chair organises a Place Marketing Forum each year, which brings together around 300 territorial marketing professionals to study a number of remarkable international projects.

As a lecturer and researcher in public marketing, he specialises in territorial marketing, the marketing/quality of public services and social marketing, and general interest performance. He participates in the IMAGETERR and INTERREG research programmes, and is responsible for organising PhD student theses and research work. He has also published numerous scientific papers (cf CV). He also develops numerous research-action projects in partnership with local and regional authorities and participates as a scientific expert in numerous marketing strategy projects for French territories; for example Only Lyon, Aix-Marseille Provence Métropole, Région PACA. He is also co-chairman of the EGPA – the European Group for Public Administration, Study Group XVI for ‘Public Communication and Marketing’.

The Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM) creates and provides operational experience to students on work experience placements who want to develop their international skills in the marketing, communication and event management sector. For the last 5 months the MMMM has welcomed Yelena Bouchenaf on such a work placement. For 2017-2018 she is a sandwich course student in Cultural Event and Organisation Management at the IMPGT, and shares her experience with us.

Why did you choose to study at the IMPGT?
« The IMPGT has an excellent reputation, based on the quality of the teaching staff and the multidisciplinary nature of the courses they offer. The Institute also has partnerships with major higher education schools and international universities which also have excellent relationships. But what attracted me the most about the IMPGT is its relatively small size and human dimension and the close relationships with the teaching staff. »

Why have you chosen a Master’s Degree course in Culture? 
« After obtaining a Master’s Degree in 360° Communication from the European Communication School, I wanted to enrich and expand on what I had learned by orienting my professional project towards the cultural sector. But I was lacking some of the sector’s basic inherent notions, so I applied to the IMPGT. The knowledge I have acquired on this Master’s course has helped me cope successfully with the missions I have been given at the MMMM. »

Why the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode?
« The MMMM is an institution. It is the only actor in the fashion industry in the Region which believes in the potential of Mediterranean creators and fashion designers. We are lucky to live in an attractive, cosmopolitan city which is open to this part of the world, with many talented people. It is a strength that the MMMM supports and promotes. 
It was only natural, therefore, that I applied to the MMMM for a work experience placement, and I was very lucky when you consider this year’s programme for the OpenMyMed Festival, which I didn’t know about beforehand. I have learnt a lot at the MMMM and met some very nice people. In brief, I would say that it is an excellent experience and very formative. »

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