Charlotte Aire à Panorama Berlin

Laureate of the OPENMYMED PRIZE competition in the 2016 M MAJOR category, Charlotte Rekassa presents her 2017/18 Autumn-Winter collection at the Panorama Berlin Fashion Trade Show, thanks to the partnership put in place by the MMMM. Discover her career so far, up to Berlin. 

1.) Why are you participating in the Panorama Berlin Trade Show and what are your objectives here?
If I am participating with my label Charlotte Aire at Panorama Berlin, it is to be able to meet buyers outside of France and also analyse the potential of buyers in Germany. Also, here in Berlin I have the opportunity to find one or several new points of sale, either in the capital or in other cities in Germany. 

2.) You were a laureate of the OPENMYMED PRIZE competition in the 2016 M MAJOR category. What did you get from your year with the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM)? 
Being an M MAJOR laureate brought me extra visibility, particularly through the press, but also because of all the communications resources the MMMM put at our disposal. I also had the chance to participate in other Professional Fashion Trade Shows, like Who’s Next in Paris and today at Panorama Berlin. 

3.) Since then, what are your projects, what are you doing now? What development strategy did you have?
I want to develop my online boutique, as well as the commercial side of Charlotte Aire. Also I have two important projects to organise, a runway show this summer, and finding a commercial agent.  

Visit the trade show live here 

Charlotte Aire à Panorama Berlin

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