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Each week the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM) discovers the Post Card from Marseilles of a particular personality. Today we discover the M Card of Michel Bonzi...

This year the couturier fashion designer Michel Bonzi celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of his couture fashion house. He continues to perpetuate the art of hand sewn garments using the gestures of artisanal craftsmen, both demanding and technical. He adds his personal touch by playing with the accepted codes of luxury fashion. Passionate and inspired, the couturier never stops innovating to fulfil his dreams. Michel Bonzi exclusively designs and creates dresses which are made-to-measure and personalised. Renowned for his sumptuous wedding dresses, the couturier dresses women for any time of the day: day wear, evening wear, evening dresses for special occasions, whether short or long. Always with a touch of "haute couture", unique and elegant.

« My Marseille

Marseilles and I go back a long way, to 1983 when we started to get to know one another. Then from 1987, when I was attracted by its appeal, I came a lot more regularly. It all started with Brigitte Vuibert, a journalist at the Provencal newspaper, now la Provence. She was in charge of the Fashion Column, and I had contacted her following my very first runway show, at Château-Arnoux in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04) where I was living at the time. She came and visited my workshop in a large, impressive house where I occupied one wing. She was very surprised to discover the lonely countryside hideaway where I was already creating evening dresses! The decor was also quite surprising! From the enormous bay window, in front of which were the sewing machines, large fields spread out, to meet the distant mountains. I can still see the surprise on her face at the view. A magic place but miles from nowhere. It was due to her article that things started to move a bit more for me. The telephone started to ring.
In 1987, following the runway show at the Château des Fleurs in Marseilles which I shared with two to three other designers, I got to know Maryline Vigouroux who already had the idea of bringing together fashion designers in Marseilles and the surrounding region to create synergy. Her dynamism and my desire to get more visibility for my creations and have a shop-window to show my dresses, made me decide to move to Marseilles, initially in the Opera district, and then, since 2006 on the boulevard Notre Dame. At the time I was in a state of flux, en route for a long journey, which still continues today in this city of a thousand faces, sometimes sublime, at others disconcerting, but always authentic and engaging.
My greatest desire would be to give a more glamorous image to the city through my creations, so that we can say that Marseilles is synonymous with the elegance and quality of haute couture fashion. »

My favourite Addresses:

Restaurant les Arcenaulx, near to where I work, where the cuisine and the welcome is always excellent.
Prado Falque enchères, recently opened at 26 rue Goudard, where I like to go and try to find a treasure from the past.
Maison Empereur, a belle époque style boutique where you can find a thousand and one things in a decor full of nostalgia.
Emmanuel Bournot, my photographer friend who has had an amazing career, full of talent, creating sublime images.
Matières et ambiances, my neighbours, a real Ali Baba's cave, where it's always a pleasure to look for a present for someone.

©Emmanuel Bournot