Elodie Liénard

Elodie Liénard is a journalist for the Provence pages of the magazine ELLE. She moved to Marseilles eight years ago and still has not finished discovering the city! In her articles she describes all the creative personalities who make Marseilles such a very singular, special and unique city.

« Marseilles is a voyage.
Marseilles is my favourite city. I chose it. At the end of the ‘90s I came and spent some time here. For me, being a Parisian, living here was like going on a long voyage. I used to hang around the Nouailles district or the Porte d’Aix. I would walk up and down the Corniche coast road, and stop to sunbathe on the rocks at Malmousque. The smell of spices, the intense light of the harsh, biting sun would carry me off to a far land… During those years Marseilles was raw, brute, excessive and contradictory. More urban than its rival capital in so many aspects, but with a certain nature – real, not tame! at its feet. And the Port, was like a promise of departing for a long journey…

When I chose to leave Paris in 2009, Marseilles imposed itself on me! Le Corbusier held out his hand and I found a nest for my family right at the top of the Cité Radieuse apartment block he designed: aptly called the radiant city! Today I never get tired of discovering the energy of the inhabitants of this city, their creative spirit, inventiveness and their style. Nowhere else in France is there such a fertile ground for all types of creators and designers. My job it is to promote them: so that’s easy!

Of course my Northern roots catch up with me from time to time, and I start to complain about the things that are wrong with this city. For example, people double parking, litter everywhere, people wearing blue OM football shirts, the wind of the Mistral which drives you mad and I haven’t got used to it yet. In fact, I don’t always feel at home here!! I have the impression that I’m still travelling. On a static voyage. An infinite voyage. » 

To eat, or for a takeaway: Epicerie L’Idéal
For clothes: Bird Song, summer or winter
To marvel at something: La Cité Radieuse building (with roof terrace, winter garden, the Mamo rooftop contemporary art exhibition area, the Imbernon bookshop)
To share with kids: The Borely Park (with rides, « rosalies” pedal cars, peacocks, le Café Borely, and grass picnic areas…).
To show off (particularly to Parisians): Yoga sessions in the Pharo Palace gardens.

Elodie Liénard