Agathe Westendorp

Each week the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM) discovers the Post Card from Marseille of a particular personality
Today we discover the M Card of Agathe Westendorp... 

Having been a journalist at the La Provence regional daily newspaper for nearly 15 years, Agathe Westendorp is now in charge of the paper's Version Fémina Provence woman's magazine. A regional magazine which is changing look on 1st April next:  more fun, more rock, with even more fashion, good addresses and places to go for all the family... Something to look forward to and discover each Saturday! 

The sea breeze, the intense light bursting on the rocks of the Corniche, the sky that touches a sea that is even deeper blue in colour. That's Marseilles! An inimitable city that I see changing every day, changing into something different and reinventing itself as well. Rebellious, capricious, ingenious,  lazy, I love it, even when it brags too much and gets a bit too big for its boots!  At the same time, talking about boots and shoes, for me fashion has always been a fascinating measure of the effervescence of our Mediterranean city. Fashion, a powerful cultural and economic symbol of the changes in character and trends over the centuries. Fashion, the emblem of the crazy avant-gardism of the people of Marseilles, and some amazing success stories too. So I sit and watch, with a curious eye, notebook and iPhone at the ready, to take the pulse of the city through its creativity. And with pride, I wear the colours of this local fashion "made in Mars" ! 

Favourite places:
JF Rey for glasses and sunglasses
Zelda Zang for jewellery (2016 OpenMyMed Prize)
Massalia for sandals (2017 OpenMyMed Prize)
Bird Song for my wardrobe (2015 OpenMyMed Prize)
Green Bear Coffee for a perfect lunch 

Agathe Westendorp

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