Behind the scenes of the famous Marseille brand "Sessùn"


©Mélanie Elbaz

Students from the Master 1 were lucky to be welcomed this Friday, February 3rd, 2017 by Sessùn brand's creator, Emma François. A former student in anthropology and economics. It was during a trip to South America that Emma had the idea of starting her own business. Today, the founder endorses both functions : those of fashion designer but also the entrepreneur’s function.

Established in 1996, this feminine brand with its casual, urban and contemporary style owes its fame to its originality but also to the quality of its products. The designer is focusing on finding the best fabrics to satisfy its consumers and also on being transparent about the origin of the materials she used, in order to establish a confidents’ climate for its customers. For her three annual collections, Emma François is inspired by several elements as a film, a book, a journey, a story a muse to create a story and a strong universe around the brand. Recently, a "OUI" wedding collection was born, offering 80 items that are presented in a permanent pop-up store in Paris (rue de Charonne), to create a true emotional attachment between customers and Sessùn. The brand's products are also sold in 11 boutiques, one in Berlin and one in Brussels, each with a different set design. Before visiting the premises, Emma François explained the students the different missions of the business units: the back office's role, as the role of providers or the production side; the designer has emphasized the units's roles importance in Sessùn, which are complementary. To be effective, it is necessary to discuss the question about the new changes in the fashion trades. Indeed, the brand celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, and has undergone changes in its organization in recent years. New trades have emerged and have grown as the web. It has become important that all employees of the brand work across the board. According to the designer, today it is essential for young graduates to possess more and more cross-disciplinary skills, so cross-sectors is the core point. Following these precious advice, Emma has made us visit the different poles of her brand in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!

Thanks to Emma François and her team for bringing us into their warm and inspiring world.  

Mathilde Corbière & Théa CourtialMaster Métiers de la mode et du Textiles

©Mélanie Elbaz

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