Audrey Azoulay, Minister of Culture and Communications


Audrey Azoulay is a woman whose culture and international reputation lights up the Mediterranean and her Moroccan roots.

She used to be a Culture and Communications advisor to President Hollande, and has now been appointed as Minister of Culture and Communications. An amazing career path for a young woman of 43 who is not well known to the general public.

Her father Andre Azoulay has been an Advisor to His Majesty King of Morocco Mohamed VI for a long while.

The Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM) has the privilege of having Mr André Azoulay on their Board of Directors.

Ever since she was appointed as Cultural and Communications advisor at the Elysée, she has shown an interest in the MMMM.

The #OPENMYMED  event which takes place from 20 May to 29 August 2016, appealed to her as it is a prelude to Marseilles being recognised as the Fashion Capital in Southern Europe.

The arrival of Audrey Azoulay as Minister of Culture suggests an interesting future for a woman recognised for her efficiency and elegance.

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