Artém Atelier - Sac à harnais beige (nude)

As part of its OpenMyMedPrize competition the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), in partnership with Who's Next, is offering a stand at the Première Classe international fashion accessory trade show in Paris to four fashion accessory Laureates of the 2017 edition: Noa-Kis, Artem Atelier, Il était un fil and Romane Petrosino Joaillerie. An essential business experience to help cope with the market; meeting international buyers and getting orders! 
This week discover their interviews, and today that of Artém Atelier, a young Spanish label of men's shoes and leather goods.

What is your most important piece for summer 2018? 
The beige harness bag, it's a sensual piece mixing leather and metallic details. Its nude colour is perfect for the summer! 

What do you expect to achieve at the Première Classe Paris fashion accessory trade fair? What are your objectives here?
The MMMM has offered us an amazing opportunity, letting us participate in this international trade fair. For me it is a chance to get known outside of Barcelona and the Spanish market. My objective is to develop the international market, as the Spanish market is difficult at the moment. I'm particularly interested in Concept Stores where I can introduce my label. Another designer I know has already been to this trade fair and advised me to come. He explained that there were a lot of buyers from Asia, which is a market I want to break into.

What news do you have and what projects are you working on?
Gradually introducing pieces for women into my collections. Certain pieces are already mixed, but I would like to introduce heels into my collections, and even in my collections for men, but on a different scale. In the long term I would really like to open a boutique in my own name.

One of your pieces was selected for the 'trends forum' in the Gallery Store. What can you tell us about this piece?
It is a pair of men's sandals, totally handmade. You can wear them with or without socks, but I suggest you wear a good-looking pair of socks with these sandals, for a more on-trend style. The particularity of this pair of shoes is that they are completely adaptable to any foot size or shape.
I noticed that many of my customers had difficulties finding the right shoes for their feet because they are often too wide relative to the shoe-size and vice-versa. With these sandals I offer them a solution which also has style.
Furthermore, you can completely personalise them, meaning that I can produce them in different colours etc... That is the big advantage of handmade products. Mind you, they take a few days to wear in.

Artém Atelier - Sac à harnais beige (nude)

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