Amina Agueznay, laureate of the 2010 MFP competition, shows her work in Casablanca


In 2010 the international jury of the first edition of the Mediterranean Fashion Prize (MFP) competition, organised by the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), discovered and selected the Moroccan jewellery designer and visual artist Amina Agueznay.

This artist is now famous worldwide and continues her international career from her base in Casablanca.

Amina has chosen the Head Office of the Société Générale de Casablanca for her latest exhibition called "Ankabout", which means "spider" in Arabic, and is very significative of her work. As you move up the floors of the financial institution the base of the web she creates changes, from natural wool, including cotton and metal wire.

The canvases are enormous at 34 square metres. They embody the history and stories of artisans, craftsmen and weavers, but most of all they reflect the art of Amina.

She is an artist who is capable of breaking down all barriers and frontiers to create a contemporary work of art, which is at the same time poetic and uninhibited, strongly anchored in her roots, but free of any preoccupations of identity.

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