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The boutique Ajoy in Aix-en-Provence opened in November 2015 with the aim of proposing a large range of products from different universes and styles, to appeal to a broad range of customers. They now propose a selection of 30 labels and brands of costume jewellery, mostly European, French and local. For Itinéraire Mode, Nathalie MEYER, the founder, talks about her favourite young designers. 

Why participate in Itinéraire Mode? 
For anyone who likes fashion and regional influences, jewellery is the best fashion detail to personalise your outfit. AJOY is proud to contribute and support the creativity and know-how of our local jewellery designers, and, by participating in the Itinéraire Mode event, help people discover our new designers. We already work with young designers like Zelda ZangNOA KIS, Pat&Pat, Les Méduses Vertes, Mon Coeur de Moi, Purle & Wild, Coralie and soon there will be others.

Which labels have you selected for Itinéraire Mode? 
J’ai épousé une perle : Julien is a modern designer who has a marvellous way of bringing feminine and masculine universes together. His creations are sometimes a mix of both, and are attractive because they are so original. The Cross bracelets characterise his personality, and origins with the Armenian Cross version. 
SOLTAN Bijoux : Sandra is a young designer who likes to communicate via messages on the rings and bracelets she makes. She has also created a collection with interlocking forms which permits her to mix colours, silver, gold, and rose gold. She is never short of ideas. We appreciate working with her and support her and her projects.

Ajoy : 36, Rue Bédarrides - Aix-en-Provence 

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