African fashion invades England


The "Fashion Cities Africa” exhibition at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery presents the styles and garments of influential actors in African fashion. Casablanca, Nairobi, Lagos and Johannesburg have been visited by the two event creators, Hannah Azieb Pool and Helen Jenning, who specialise in African fashion. Their objective is to show as large a range of garments from the continent as possible

"In recent years both Europe and the United States have become very interested in contemporary African art.  As this is the first time an exhibition of contemporary African fashion takes place in England, we wanted to show the diversity that exists in the continent. The idea is to try and define what is happening in the fashion world in these four cities, and at the same time tell the story of their history."

A vision which is shared by the MMMM, as, each year, they promote 10 young talents from the 19 countries around the Mediterranean through the Mediterranean Fashion Prize (MFP) competition, thereby promoting fashion stylistic trends from the Mediterranean on the international scene.