Tajima Europe is a partner of the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM).  On Wednesday 7 June the company received our 2017 OpenMyMed laureates in their premises at La Ciotat, on the coast east of Marseilles, to discover more about industrial embroidery. The visit was hosted by the company CEO Franck Raynal, who is also a member of the OpenMyMed Festival jury.
For this occasion, the MMMM invites you to discover his Interview About the Letter M.

The Japanese Group Tajima specialises in industrial embroidery and has installed its European headquarters at La Ciotat to develop its markets throughout the Mediterranean. The mission of Franck Raynal is to provide fashion designers with a better understanding of the technologies and innovations involved in his business, adding another dimension to the duo Fashion Tech.

M for Mediterranean
M for the Mediterranean basin, which has played a major role in my career so far. It reflects a culture full of history which is shared by many other countries geographically near to France. Today it plays a fundamental role in my functions working for a Japanese company which is open to the world.

M for Mode
Fashion remains a major challenge for our business. Although we are too often associated with an industrial image, which in fact is exactly what we are, the goal of Tajima Europe is to get close to fashion designers, creators and artists to explain to them the scope of our innovative technologies, which can be used as part of this major art form.

M for MMMM
The MMMM is an important institution where you can meet and get to know young fashion designers. It is a formidable tool for training the future generations which will be involved in the fashion world. Our objective is to support these students and new designers and creators, and help them develop their knowledge of the technologies which can be used in the service of their art.

M for Meeting
Our next meeting with these young fashion designers will be with the laureates of the 2017 OpenMyMed Prize. For us it will be an excellent opportunity to share and exchange ideas and opinions. The workshop we are organising this year will no doubt be a source of inspiration for them, and the beginning of an exciting experience for its 3 winners who will design a unique piece.

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