Laurence Paganini, CEO of Kaporal and a Member of the Board of Directors of the MMMM is inspired by a vision of fashion allying ethics and business to make Marseille part of the new employment model, Work 3.0!

M for Marseille or Mediterranean
Yes for both! I was born and grew up in Nice on the Mediterranean coast, and Marseille adopted me some 3 years ago. The Mediterranean is special, it’s always there, providing an inexhaustible source of delight and enchantment; its light is relaxing, calming but at the same time energising. To my eyes, Marseille is about intensity, complete and entire, but contrasting; at the same time vibrant, rebellious and unruly and audacious, but also lazy, joyous, exciting and spicy!

M for Mode
Fashion that is committed, creative and evolutive. I am very attached to the sense and direction of fashion, its cultural involvement, consequences and implications; its sense of ecology and technology, and its civic and political sense. These are the values which I use as inspiration in the collections and internal and external communications we undertake for the Kaporal brand. Furthermore, I also think that a Made In Marseille label exists, which we as actors in the fashion industry in the region must all develop and expand. Fashion in Marseille has always been a mixture and merging of different and multiple trends and techniques coming from the Mediterranean. Historically the city has skills, know-how and experience in making jeans, which we want to take advantage of and develop.

M for MMMM
An institution that has its finger on the pulse of the local fashion world. Not only to monitor it closely, but also to detect young talent and support them as a sort of incubator, to train them and provide academic support, both internally and externally. This is an indispensable mission today if we are to make Marseille the next major fashion platform in France after Paris, which the city can legitimately aspire to. The MMMM also allowed me to meet and get to know its spokespeople, Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux and Mathieu Gamet, with whom I sit on the Board of Directors.

M for Meeting
Marseille, as a city is open and rich with a multitude of different cultures and people who actively want to change things. Over the last 3 years I have met a number of dynamic charitable organisations which Kaporal now works with on the basis of getting involved with local communities and giving something back to society. For example the “School of a second chance”; “l’ouvre-boîte” which in English means can opener, helping young, under-qualified entrepreneurs to develop their projects; one piece of rubbish a programme which asks citizens to pick up one piece of rubbish and put it in a bin every day, to keep our streets, towns and the future clean. These organisations, along with many others like them, are the new actors in the local economy, which have motivated my involvement with the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry since last November: part of my effort to get Marseille into the 3.0 era!

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