Charlotte Lapalus

Each week the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM) discovers the Post Card from Marseilles of a particular personality.
Today we discover the M Card of Charlotte Lapalus…

With more than 79k followers on Instagram, the talented photographer from Marseilles, Charlotte Lapalus, is always proposing captivating publications imbued with her very human look on life. The labels American Vintage and Minelli have already been attracted and convinced by her distinctive way of developing a visual narrative.

M for Marseille 
I am 100% a Marseilles woman (complete with accent) and am very proud to be a Marseillaise! I am proud of our city with its differences and paradoxes, its plurality and cosmopolitan side. It’s what gives Marseilles its strength! I love the light in Marseilles, with sunshine 300 days a year. I love the cagole, the cliché of an extrovert, confident woman, a bit of a tart, a bimbo. I am attracted by the diversity of decors and settings, the landscapes and countryside and the city’s poetic spirit. All very useful in my job as a photographer. 

M for "Mode"
One day I love it, the next day I hate it. I love it when it is creative and subjective and hate it when it is too inspired by something else. For me fashion must bring a breath of fresh air, which is exactly what Simon Porte Jacquemus does so very well. He is not worried about preconceived ideas and prejudices, particularly about Marseilles, and is capable of doing exactly the opposite by promoting the city.
Even though my work is mainly fashion photography, I always try and bring out through the photograph the youthful spirit and sensitivity of the models. I am also always trying to break away from restrictive fashion codes. The fashion world is also a milieu where you can easily become disillusioned. It is sometimes superficial and lacking the quality I look for in my personal lifestyle. At the same time, it can be full of surprises. It has given me the opportunity to meet some really good people.

M for MMMM
I have been lucky to work with the MMMM and get to know Marilyne Vigouroux. The MMMM is an excellent institution. It helps discover and promote young talented designers and creators and supports them in the development of their label. It helps them bloom. Bravo!

M for Meeting 
Although it is difficult for me to talk about only one person, I would definitely choose the late French novelist, playwright, and filmmaker Marcel Pagnol. I remember when I was a child, watching his films with my grandfather. I lived for 3 years in Aubagne and often went walking up the rocky outcrops of the Garlaban which overlooks the town. I am very fond of the period Pagnol portrayed, and it still inspires me today. In fact, I recently took some photographs of children dressed up in the ambience of his books « La Gloire de mon Père » and « Le Château de ma Mère », echoing my memories.   

M for Places
For a sunset complete with a mauresque pastis with barley water: Le café de l’Abbaye
For a night out: the club La dame Noire
For something new and different: Maison l'Empereur
For fashion: Jogging
For a quick snack: Spok
For architecture: Le Corbusier 
And finally for a daube provençale... at my mother’s place;)

Charlotte Lapalus

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