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Jérôme Pantalacci was introduced to Contemporary Art by Roger Pailhas, the Marseille gallery owner: he then went on to create Art-O-Rama with Gaïd Beaulieu-Lambert in 2007, at the Friche la Belle de Mai cultural centre in Marseille. Today he is in sole command and has made this trade fair a major international event in the contemporary art world, bringing together each year twenty carefully selected galleries. This year he is collaborating for the first time with the OpenMyMed Festival by inviting the 2010 OpenMyMed Prize laureate in the MFP category, Amina Agueznay, to present an exclusive piece from 26 to 29 August. 

Discover his interview "About the letter M".

M for Marseille
Marseille is subjected to a large number of clichés. And, as in all clichés, there is always a small part of truth. Among the old clichés is one which says that often Marseille never leaves you indifferent. You love it or you hate it. And there is a fair amount of truth in that!
Since we started organising Art-O-Rama we have been able to measure the truth in the cliché! Generally speaking, foreigners love Marseille, as do artists. But the French are more divided. However, in recent times things have improved, particularly because of Marseille-Provence 2013, when Marseille was the European Capital of Culture. The situation should continue to improve with Marseille-Provence 2018, a six month festival of culture, followed by Manifesta 2020, the European biennale dedicated to contemporary art, which is creating a lot of interest and will put Marseille on the map for major international events in contemporary art.

M for Mode
The bridges and links between fashion and contemporary art are numerous. Major fashion brands and labels have become important actors in both worlds, like LVMH and Prada. In fact, the two worlds feed off one another, and many creators and designers enjoy mixing and confusing their frontiers. A good example is Simon Porte Jacquemus, who will have his work shown at the MAC and Mucem as part of the OpenMyMed Festival. We are very happy to be associated with the Festival this year, and to welcome as part of Art-O-Rama, a unique piece by Amina Agueznay, a previous laureate of OpenMyMed Prize (2010).

M for the MMMM
 The work the MMMM does is absolutely crucial. We perfectly agree with their mission to detect and support young talent in our region and to participate in their professionalisation. It is very important to reaffirm that Marseille is a creative place where you can also exist on the international scene.

M for Meeting
Our ambition has always been to make Marseille one of the “Meeting Points” for contemporary art. A trade fair is above all a place to meet people and exchange ideas and points of view, whether intellectual or commercial.
One of our missions is to bring together in Marseille as many actors in the art world as possible, in order to encourage contacts with local actors and support, promote and improve the standing of our region and the people who work there.

© Olivier Amsellem