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Each week the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), interviews a personality from Marseilles about the letter M.
Today, discover the Ms of Alabama Duel...

Alabama Duel is the heroine of the Blog "Duel au Soleil" created in 2009 whose author is today better known by her pseudonym than her real name.

With long blond hair and a hat, she is hyperactive in Marseilles on her Instagram account. For the last few months she has been talking about different places and brands for the group "La Bande Éphémère" created with her friend Céline, alias MlleCaz. They help us discover, or rediscover, our fair city with a selection of new addresses, both institutions and the unusual. Ephemeral events, fashion events, music, full of good things.  

M for Marseillaise
French Women are the most elegant in the world. Parisian Women are admired by everyone, but there is also Marseilles Woman. A charming mix of sun and shade, like our city, adulated just as much as they are criticised, adored and detested. But one thing in sure, they don't leave anyone indifferent. Like the paintings by Benjamin Chasselon; this melange, this mixability, this passion for life that Marseilles gives off, just like Marseilles Women.
Even though my origins are in Corsica, I was born in Marseilles; I am happy here, everywhere where I live in the 111 districts from Noailles to Goudes... up to Mourepiane.

M for "Mode"
I follow Fashion in magazines, obviously, but for the last few years more so on Instagram. The Internet has revolutionised the image of fashion and makes it accessible to a greater number of people. We still don't need fashion to survive, but it is more and more desirable. I read recently that “the Fashion market in France is more profitable than that of automobiles". I believe that Marseilles as the Mediterranean Capital of Fashion will restore our image, but give a different image than the one already seen around the world by the 150 labels from Marseilles like Sessùn, Kulte, American Vintage and many others. 

M for the MMMM
The MMMM was created when I was 18 and I remember I pestered my parents to let me "do fashion". They preferred that I did architecture, but finally I ended up doing Communications. I got a little closer to it when I collaborated on a project with Victoria Sanguinetti, who created the label Van Palma. Each year I discover the young fashion designers from Marseilles and around Europe that the MMMM has supported, as well as the well known designers like Yacine Aouadi last year, and this year with Jacquemus. I have been a fan of his since his first creations.

M for Meeting
Of course, Simon Porte Jacquemus! That's twice that I know I could have come across him when he was in Marseilles, so third lime lucky. I hope to meet him at the OpenMyMed Festival in May 2017.

M Places
Since 2006 on blogs then Twitter and Instagram, I have tried to find places that are cool, and to promote my city through what I write or my photographs. I only post what I like, or where I actually go myself, to enjoy sharing the info. You just have to follow me to find out where I have a good time. Of course some places are mentioned more than others, because je les M. They'll recognise who I'm talking about.

Alabama Duel's blog here
Her instagram and La Bande Ephémère account.

Alabama Duel ©Lou Escobar

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