As the biggest Photography Festival in the Middle East, Photomed shows a Mediterranean which is full of life and vibrant. In 2017, Photomed has become a partner of the OpenMyMed Festival and offers 3 of our laureates a fashion spread by a top international fashion photographer. The photos will be on show at the OpenMyMed X Photomed exhibition in Beirut in January and February 2018. This will be the occasion for OpenMyMed to extend its Euro-Mediterranean territory with a first visit to Lebanon.

For its 7th edition the Photomed Festival takes on a new dimension and expands into Marseilles with new and exceptional cultural locations; the Friche de la Belle de Mai cultural centre, the Museum of the Civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean - MuCEM, the Villa Méditerranée Centre promoting the history & culture of the Mediterranean area, and the building of the Fonds Régional d´Art Contemporain-FRAC for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region located in the district of la Joliette. Discover the works of famous photographers, such as Hervé Guibert, from 17 May to 13 August at the Villa Méditerranée.

For this occasion, the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode publishes the Post Card from Marseilles, M Card, of  Guillaume de Sardes, writer, photographer, video maker and the exhibition coordinator for the Photomed Festival exhibitions.

M for Marseille
For me Marseilles is defined by its light. A fullness of light which makes me feel lighter than in Paris.
M for Mode
Fashion I am interested in fashion mostly because of its relationships with art, particularly photography. Some artists I like have actually done fashion photography: Helmut Newton, of course, who is a master, but also Juergen Teller and Corinne Day whose direct style was fierce, harsh and bitter, inspired by everyday life. She revolutionised the iconography of publicity campaigns in the ‘90s. I also love the poetry of the shaky and blurry photographs of Sarah Moon.
M for MMMM
Photomed and the MMMM have built up a partnership around the laureates of the OpenMyMed Prize. Three of them will be associated with three photographers who will create a fashion spread for them using their garments and accessories. The results of this collaboration will be shown in Beirut in January-February 2018, as part of Photomed Lebanon. Philippe Hellant and Serge Akl, who created this «mirror edition” four years ago, have done an amazing job to making it the largest festival of photography in the Middle East.
M for Meeting
I know more and more people in Marseille and even have a couple of friends, Soraya Amrane and Rafael Guarido. They have recently created a magnificent publishing house together, Zoème. They support and defend a demanding and exacting style of photography that I feel close to. Soraya Amrane is also co-curator of two Photomed Marseille 2017 exhibitions.
M for Places
For me, photography in Marseilles means the Atelier de Visu, which unfortunately has closed. It was an extraordinary place, an artists’ residence and an art gallery. Thanks to Antoine D’Agata I stayed there for a while in 2013. It was then that I really began to discover Marseilles and started to love the place.

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