LES MEDUSES VERTES on their Itinéraire Mode experience as an M LAB



Les Méduses Vertes

Artisanal craftsmanship and creativity are at the heart of the leather goods collections of Les Méduses Vertes founded by Leila Ludwig.
Méduses - Jellyfish, a memory of a gracious ballet taking place in the blue of the Mediterranean, her "madeleine de Proust" happy memory, and Verte - Green, because it was the colour of the very first leatherware which caught her eye.
Discovered by the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), who gave her M LAB status, she talks about her Itinéraire Mode experience.

How would you define your style?
Collections somewhere between poetry and elegance, handmade by passionate craftsmen and artists. Only a few examples are made of each model. Les Méduses Vertes, is based on a real and deep desire to pay homage to manual and artisanal skills and know-how, as well as beautiful materials and fabrics, but still being remaining very demanding in terms of the detail. The quality of production and the materials used, as well as the originality of their textures, are at the heart of the concept behind the Les Méduses Vertes label.

What has the M Lab status brought you?
M Lab status has enabled us to feel supported in our entrepreneurial adventure. We no longer feel isolated, which has happened sometimes, in fact often, and this helps us to cope with and face up to our daily problems. It's also about being able to exchange opinions and ideas with other creators and designers and create a healthy competition between us. In turn, it is a great opportunity to boost the label's communications, build up a network, develop our reputation and above all, avoid making errors. Which helps save time and gain experience.

Why participate in the 2016  Itinéraire Mode event?
It's the first time that Les Méduses Vertes is participating in the Itinéraire Mode event. It is a unique opportunity to develop a distribution network, get closer to our customer base and better understand what they are looking for, their desires. A number of events are organised during the Itinéraire Mode to help with this. It also provides a forum for contact with the Press and Media. It is a good way of gaining credibility and visibility, and it boosts our reputation. Itinéraire Mode is a great experience which helps generate the confidence and relationships we have with the boutiques. As part of Itinéraire Mode, we are at the Mademoiselle boutique, which was the first to demonstrate their confidence in me. The founder, Anne Cécile, was really enthusiastic, right from the beginning. I adore the universe in her boutique; a wise mix of "cool" and "rock attitude", but always chic. We are also at the Labo Lifestore, where Dominique, the founder, gave me a great welcome in her showcase-boutique, which gives the impression of being all about "contemporary poetry". It's a boutique where you can enjoy spending time looking around; it takes you on different voyages. Finally, Les Méduses Vertes will be at the Lifestore, a real crossroads for designers and creators in the region since the boutique opened just over a year ago. Julien, who manages the Lifestore, also has his own jewellery label, J'ai épousé une perle. He knows how to gain the confidence of the designers he works with and support them by confidently transmitting the values of your label to customers. They are all excellent boutiques to be in, each one has their own world and atmosphere.

Mademoiselle: 31, Rue Montgrand – 13006 Marseilles
Labo Lifestore: 5, Place de la Corderie, 13006 Marseilles
Lifestore: 10, Place de la Joliette – 13002 Marseilles

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Les Méduses Vertes