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The OPENMYMED PRIZE was created in 2010 and provides targeted support for the 3 fundamental needs of young labels: Brand Strategy, Communications and Commercialisation. 
For its 7th edition 20 laureates will be selected in January by an international jury. They will receive support in international business development from our specialist expert Muriel Piaser, Consultant and Global Fashion Developer. 

As a Global Fashion Developer consultant, Muriel Piaser specialises in fashion counselling and development strategies for international labels and brands. She is best recognised for her large scale role as Director of Exhibitions at the "PRET A PORTER PARIS" and "THE BOX" Trade Shows for the last 15 years in France, New York and Tokyo. She also plays a major role in feminine ready-to-wear and accessories markets and advises new fashion designers, international trade shows and emerging fashion weeks. She joined the team of MMMM experts and since 2010 works with and gives support to the M Lab labels and OPENMYMED PRIZE laureates (M Major and MFP competitions). 
For the 20 laureates of the 2017 OPENMYMED PRIZE, Muriel Piaser will give a Master Class on « International business development & Promotion Buyers process » and will provide individual mentoring to those laureates participating in the Who’s Next trade show. Her coaching will focus on their collections, setting prices, creating a lookbook, the label's business profile and organising business meetings with the buyers in her network. As well as this support, one laureate will be selected by MURIEL PIASER CONSULTING for a period of personalised coaching for a further 6 months« I am very pleased to be able to help an OPENMYMED PRIZE laureate develop a targeted local and international strategy based on 3 main points: « Advice in international affairs », essentially concentrating on developing collection plans, setting prices, and the creation and format of a lookbook; « Advice in terms of fashion » with my vision and skills at picking up the latest trends in the ready-to-wear market in France and internationally, and also targeting strategic publics to put in place their own sales and distribution strategy to win over « Buyers » and to be in line with market requirements in terms of the buying process relative to each sales season.

You are a young label and would like to participate in the M Major or MFP competition? Closing date 30 November.
M MAJOR : you are domiciled in Marseille or the surrounding Region; Please apply here
MFP : You are domiciled in: Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey. Please apply here

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