© Guillaume de Sardes

Encouraged by the success of the first edition in 2016, with the exhibition of the work of the couturier from Marseilles Yacine Aouadi at the Château Borély and the MuCEM. The programme of the festival OPENMYMED, created by the MMMM, is even richer this year with the involvement of other cultural actors which support young designers and talent. From May to September, OPENMYMED brings together the talent from different artistic disciplines and becomes the meeting place for the new Mediterranean intercultural scene.

PHOTOMED is the most important festival of Mediterranean photography, from Marseilles to Beirut. The exhibitions coordinator is the writer and photographer Guillaume de Sardes, who will be at the OPENMYMED from 26 May to 19 June as part of a collaboration on the theme Mediterranean women in fashion photography, reality or fiction? Three 2017 OPENMYMED PRIZElaureates will be paired with qualified photographers to make a fashion spread on this theme, which will be shown during the festival.

« Created in 2011, PHOTOMED has the mission of underlining the similarities, rather than the differences, which exist between the Mediterranean countries, and to demonstrate that there is a theme and a common language which belongs to the artists from this area. This original and unique collaboration with OPENMYMED underlines the fundamental role of photographers. The identity of a label is closely linked to the work of its designer, but also to the images which are distributed and published in the media. We are curious and interested to see the results of these shared Mediterranean visions. »
Guillaume de Sardes, PHOTOMED exhibitions organiser.

© Guillaume de Sardes