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Created by the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), Itinéraire Mode brings together, in an original shopping idea and experience in Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence, multi-brand boutiques and young designers from the region from 12 October to 31 December 201698 boutiques and 75 designers, attracted by this collaborative concept, celebrate this year the 10th Anniversary of Itinéraire Mode, including the boutique "By Marie", run by Marie Gas, who explains in her interview why she participates in Itinéraire Mode:

Why participate in Itinéraire Mode? 

First of all, because I grew up in Marseilles, a city which is close to my heart and which inspires me. The house/workshop where I grew up is still there, up on the heights. Also, because I have a special relationship with the boutique in Rue Paradis, it's my permanent link with the city and the customers. They are regulars, they have a particular style and character, and are very aware of anything new. So, I like to surprise them all the time with something different, from different places, a different experience. Finally, we want to promote young designers. In fact it's the very essence of "By Marie", discovering and sharing.  We are the exact opposite of the e-commerce giants. We pay great attention to our selection of designers, who are often unknown, looking for something rare and for the long term. We create a special relationship with them, we follow their development and often come up with ideas for exclusive models. Supporting young designers and proposing to our customers something rare, that's what "By Marie" is all about.

How did you discover and choose Anais Guery? 

First of all we have been supporting the MMMM for a long time, and secondly because Anais Guery  was a laureate of the  Mediterranean Fashion Prize (MFP) in 2016. What we liked about her was her ability and desire to do something different, not part of the present fashion current and system which always wants more and more quickly, regardless of the creativity involved. She bases her work on skills and know-how which have been around for a long time, bringing them up-to-date for contemporary, definitely modern silhouettes. She takes the time and puts a lot of thought into her garments. And we really liked that. For example, this season she worked with « Living Blue », a workshop which sows, grows and harvests the tropical pea plant indigo as a source of the dark blue dye of the same name. She used it for vibrantly coloured pieces which drape impeccably.

Address: 106 Rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille

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