SPTT, the architect of transport is introduced to the Master Students


Master 2 des Métiers de la Mode et du Textile - AMU

Thursday October 19th, 2016, students of our Master 2 welcomed, Phillipe MESGUICH and Cassandra MESGUICH Thebault, president and representative of the Company Phocéenne Transport and Transit - SPTT.

SPTT is a family business, which since 1943 has specialized in textiles. Their job is to be organizers or "architects" of transport. Their mission is to manage customs, handling, organization and shipping in particular. "An exciting job" according to them, because it is a customized experience with totally different case. It is also a changing business, with modern tools and the obligation to keep abreast of regulations.
Mandated by their clients, the confidentiality is an essential input for stakeholders in import / export. From merchandise controls to relations with the customs closely linked with the INPI and AFNOR, the freight forwarder has  to anticipate many variables (cost, time, customs fees, etc.) with specifications.
Then the speakers exposed concrete examples to illustrate the process of maritime shipping and air replenishment previously explained. In parallel of multiple questions from students, they have exposed the difficulties they may face as Freight and how they create relationships with their client even upstream transportation activities.
The key is that in international operations, the freight should be a true partner.
Students thank Phillipe MESGUICH and Cassandra Thébault MESGUICH for their productive speech.

Yann CECILIE, étudiant en Master 2 des Métiers de la Mode et du Textile

Master 2 des Métiers de la Mode et du Textile - AMU