Meeting with Jean-Brice Garella, CEO of the eponymous brand


Last Wednesday, Jean-Brice Garella, who is the director of the French group of the feminine ready-to-wear Garella, came to share his experience as a company head to the students in Master Degree of Fashion Trade and Textile.

Numerous subjects were approached - such as business creation, strategic location, distribution channels, human ressources, communication - according to the rich experience of MrGarella who has worked in fashion for more than 30 years. Mr. Garella has primarily made clear to the students - through brilliant anecdotes ! - how human was essential and at the heart of any steps: Fashion has always evolve in a changing and competed environment, but human is at the center of the company’s wealth and it is in this way that it will stand out.

It is clearly essential to mobilise human capital in sales, nor in negociation, and in front of every problematic situation, Jean-Brice Garella seems to have found solutions in order to adapt himself to the world that surrounds him. The students thank Jean-Brice Garella for its constructive, natural (and full of humor !) speech.

-LisaMestre - Student in Master Degree of Fashion Trade and Textile.-