Muriel Piaser & les étudiants du Master

As they do each year, the Master 2 students in Fashion Industry and Design had the pleasure of welcoming Muriel Piaser as part of the 2015 class’s “Commercialisation” specialism.

An expert advisor to the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode, Muriel is a familiar face at 19 rue Fauchier. She opened her consulting business in Paris in 2012, making her expertise available to the MMMM as a Global Fashion Developer for Marseille and Mediterranean designers.  Her renown in fashion exhibitions (she created The Box in Paris and The Train in Miami), continues to grow today with her recruitment for the Milan research exhibition WHITE.

So it is quite natural for her to meet with the students of the Master 2 programme each year to discuss the current reality and the evolving trends in the women’s ready-to-wear and accessory market in France and internationally.  She emphasises major changes in the market, involving the advent of segments such as “Premium” and “Contemporary Premium” (accessible luxury).  These new segments are also accompanied by the Slow Wear solution in reaction to Fast Fashion.   

Today, market opportunities have changed radically, and commercialisation techniques are obligated to evolve rapidly along with the subversive changes incurred by the advance of the digital sphere.  Moreover, the client’s desire to give meaning to consumption is causing designers and brands to reorient their strategies toward quality and ethics, and above all to focus on impeccable, personalised products and services.

In terms of distribution networks, these changes are all the more marked.  Buyers are travelling to exhibitions less and less due to the proliferation of permanent and temporary showrooms, while clients are abandoning traditional multi-brand retailers in favour of large stores and concept boutiques with strong brand images.  Another intriguing innovation that has emerged in recent years is the clear success of hotel and airport boutiques. 

These market transformations have only strengthened the repute and popularity of buying houses.  Their role as trend-spotters and competitive brand analysers as well as pre-selectors and recommenders of brands and products provides a guarantee of security on the part of international department stores.  Their assistantship role also offers new arrivals on the market the possibility of a clearer career path. 

With the ever-growing role of it-girls, bloggers, and social networking, the current difficulty lies in the reinvention of fashion consulting professions. 

Her advice to students: “Find your special talent and assert yourself in the job market.” 

Navarro Cédric, Master 2 Métiers de la Mode et du Textile, AMU

Muriel Piaser & les étudiants du Master

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