Gildas Minvielle gives a guest lecture for the Master Programme Students


L’Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) is a school but also an expert office in several industries: textile, fashion, luxury and design. In France, this market holds almost 28 billions of euros and is a real indicator of the current economy context. 

This is why on Friday, March 11th, Gildas Minvielle, Director of the Economic Observatory at IFM gave a lecture on « international textile economy » in front of the students in fashion and textile Master programme

The main topics were:  the impact of the distribution changes over the industry, the impact of the chains’ rising power, but also the power of the relationship between suppliers and distributors. 

A discussion regarding the issues that is facing the textile sector, ingeniously carried out by Mister Minvielle who did a great intervention and caught the students’ attention.  

Igor Naulleau student in Master 1 des métiers de la Mode et du Textile (AMU)


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