FashionPartner is back !


Christophe Cavailles et Etudiants du Master Mode

Last Friday, students of Masters 1 and 2 together welcomed Christophe Cavailles, President of FashionPartner, logistician integrated in the fashion industry.

He introduced his remarks by giving his definition of logistics: "It is the art and the way to provide a product at the right time, right place, at lower cost and with better quality." Then, he explained that the fashion industry is changing with more and more competition, new distribution channels and a strong seasonality. These factors combined with the new behavior of consumer's purchases and progressive legislation have had a huge impact on logistic businesses and constraints.

To overcome these constraints, companies are looking to optimize or find solutions to their schemes. Galeries Lafayette in Paris Eleven also mentioning Mugler, Christophe Cavailles has explained how the company is involved in their distribution system. FashionPartner owns in Paris Bercy a logistics site that allows the company to answer the needs of more customers with a scalable storage capacity. However, many companies keep internal logistics. In fact only 20% of companies outsource their logistics like Alexander Vauthier, who has everything outsourced from its distribution of clothes to raw materials in partnership with FashionPartner. Furthermore, he outlined the supply chain of fashion through supply to returns, with parallel goals of the carrier. Before concluding, he brought numerous answers to questions about particular technology and sustainable development.

Students thank Christophe Cavailles for its rewarding intervention that allowed them to discover the logistics professions.

Yann CECILIE, étudiant en Master 2 des Métiers de la Mode et du Textile.

Christophe Cavailles et Etudiants du Master Mode