Master 1&2 of Fashion and Textile Trades

Master of Fashion and Textile Trades, Faculty of Economics and Management, AMU Marseilles.

A two year course generating 60 ECTS-credit points. The course can be taken as part of continuous vocational training, as can all the courses at the Faculty of Economics and Management at Aix Marseilles University. 

The course takes place at the Espace Mode Méditerranée, at 19 rue Fauchier, 13002 Marseilles.

Who can apply for a place? 

Graduates at level BAC + 3 years, or the equivalent. French candidates must provide their results of a TAGE MAGE aptitude test. All candidates must provide their results of a Toefl or Toeic English Test (with at least a 70% success rate).
Selected candidates will be invited individually for an interview.

The Master 1 and 2 of Fashion and Textile Trades teach students the skills of trades connected to fashion design and creation.

Graduates are then qualified for jobs as a:

- Marketing Manager,
- Sales Manager,
- Product Manager,
- Merchandising Manager,
- Purchasing Manager, Production Manager, Supply Chain Manager...

Master 1 (course + minimum 1 month work experience placement)
- During the first semester, students learn about the subjects which are essential in the creation and production of a garment; including the history of fashion, fashion design and garment prototyping, marketing and strategy, marketing, fashion marketing, and the supply chain.
- During the second semester, students learn more about managing a company; including accounting, finance, management control data, computer assisted      publishing, law, and human resource management (HRM).

Master 2 (6 month course + minimum 6 month work experience placement) with a specialisation in Marketing or Production

- During the third semester students become specialists in Fashion and Textiles due to the specialised knowledge they have acquired in the following fields:  the fashion trade, international sales, point of sale marketing, CRM, sales and negotiating techniques, e-business, supply chain management, project management, innovative textiles, ethics & the environment in the fashion-textile world, and production.

Prestigious research laboratories are available for the students to use:

- CRET-LOG: a Research Laboratory in Management Science specialising in Logistics.
- The Institute of Movement Sciences: studies the impact of the motricity of the Human body and the functionality of clothes and shoes.
- The Interdisciplinary Centre of Nanoscience in Marseilles: specialises in the nanotechnologies used in the textile industry.

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