Anne Taverne

Anne Taverne has a degree in engineering. After 10 years with a major industrial company specialising in automobile production and floor coverings, she decided to change to a sector she felt she had a greater affinity with. It was very natural, therefore, that she moved to used her skills firstly with Louis Vuitton, then Chanel. Initially she was in charge of leather goods manufacturing and then, more recently, as materials coordination manager. She is responsible for analysing the process and circulation of information throughout the Chanel Group.

Since the creation of the Masters Degree course, Anne is involved with the Option Production, one of the specialities which can be chosen for the Masters 2 Degree. After giving a lecture on the specificities of her role and the luxury goods sector, she gives the students a case study to be undertaken in pairs, where they must play the role of supply managers. The aim ? To maximise the efficiency of their input for the production of a collection.

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