Eric Samuelian

«The Jezequel label is a marvellous illustration of how Marseilles has, over the centuries, made it possible for people from other regions, countries and cultures to find here, in the Phocaean city, a place to settle down, live, mature and develop in a promising, healthy and safe way. My grandfather Sétrak Samuelian is of Armenian origin. When he and many of his compatriots fled Armenia, he opened a Master Tailor workshop in Marseilles. In 1962 he created his first line of trousers. My father, Claude Samuelian, my uncle, Jean-Claude Jezequel, and then in 1999, Stephan, Gilles and myself, found it only natural to join the two golfers label. Fifty years later, the family business is in good health;  sales show a constant progression, not just in France but all over the world, particularly in the Middle East and Asia. The Qataris particularly appreciate our story and history, and the fact that we have Armenian origins. Being an MMM Board Member, I have the chance to support young, future fashion designers from Marseilles. »

Eric gets involved with the Option Production, which is a speciality option on the Masters 2 Degree course. Organised into small groups, the Option Production aims to transmit to students the fundamentals of production planning and the accurate estimation of the productive capacity of available resources for a collection, from the the model design stage to future demand and sales.

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