Associate Professor of Marketing and Consumer Culture at the Kedge Business School

Diego Rinallo

Previously, he was at Bocconi University, Milan, which granted his doctorate in Business Administration and Management, and visiting scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) and the Schulich School of Business (Canada). He's affiliate researcher at Bocconi University's Center for Research on Marketing and Services (CERMES), and associate researcher at the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche en Gestion d'Aix-Marseille (CERGAM).

He is the author of three books (Trade shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy, Oxford University Press, 2014; Consumption and Spirituality, Rutledge, 2012; Event Marketing, Egea, 2011), various chapters in international books, and several articles in top-ranking scientific outlets such as Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. A selected list of his publications can be downloaded at

Diego is an expert in consumer culture, marketing communications, and trade shows and other collective marketing events. Most of his research has been carried out in the context of the fashion industry, from textiles to media and consumer behavior. He has investigated many trade shows in yarns, fabrics, clothing and accessories, which gave him a broader view on the changing clothing supply chain at the time of globalization and the role played by textile trade shows in the creation/diffusion of fashion trends. His work has also examined how fashion advertisers influence the fashion media and the complementary role of fashion spreads in supporting brand image. On the consumption side, he has looked at how fashion is a key site for the construction of contemporary masculinity and how fashion and religion sometimes intertwine. A new project, still in progress, in cooperation with a fashion historian, looks at how the first fashion shows in 1950s Florence created the image of Italy as a fashion country.Diego provides a 12h training for second year students (Master Métiers de la Mode et du Textile) of Integrated marketing communications for fashion brands.

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