Catherine Ormen

Catherine Örmen has Degrees from the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, which is dedicated to the study of archaeology, art history, anthropology and epigraphy, and the Ecole du Patrimoine in Paris specialising in conservation and restoration. She opened the Musée de la Mode [Fashion Museum] in Marseilles before joining the Musée de la Mode et du Textile (Arts Décoratifs) [Fashion and textiles-decorative arts]. As an independent organiser of exhibitions she has put together a number of multi-discipline shows and is very interested in bringing to light and enhancing the valued objects, cultural traditions and fine craftsmanship of fashion design and luxury goods companies.  She is the author of "A History of Lingerie" in collaboration with Chantal Thomass, published by Perrin,  and also "How to look at Fashion: the history of the silhouette" [Comment regarder la mode : histoire de la silhouette], published by Hazan, and recently "The Saga of fashion, 170 years of innovations" [Saga de mode, 170 années d’innovations], published by Esmod Editions, and "A brief history of fashion" [Brève Histoire de la mode], also published by Hazan.     

Each year Catherine gives 20 hours of lectures to M1 Masters Degree Students, providing a retrospective of the history of fashion in terms of its economic, social, aesthetic and technical aspects, from the time of the French Revolution to today's problems.

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