Antoine Ducrocq


Antoine Ducrocq is a business lawyer fully aware of the reality of running a company.

He has over twenty year’s international experience in legal departments of industrial companies. The service he provides is to help his clients with all the different stages in the development of their company. This can involve protecting and enhancing the value of their innovations; optimising the development of their legal structure and its financial requirements; managing relationships with partner customers, suppliers, employees and associates.

He gets involved with the international side of the business and any sectors which are highly technical.  Furthermore, he is passionate about new technologies and their ability to create and add value to the company.

He also runs seminars on company and international law for universities and other higher education entities: for example Aix Marseille University - Faculty of Law, Economics and Management;  Ecole des Mines (Mining Engineering), Institut Telecom, CNAM [National conservatory of arts and crafts].

Since the creation of the Masters Degree in Fashion Design, Antoine gives 24 hours of lectures during the second semester to the Masters 1 Students, covering company law, commercial law and the legal management of companies.

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