Laetitia Dari

I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Nantes having completed my PhD thesis at the University of Aix-Marseilles. Take the case of ready-to-wear garments; in my thesis I describe the existence of a particular phenomenon, coopetition or cooperation/competition. It involves individual and collective strategies coexisting within the same sector. This means that upstream from the actual production sector, trend and style analysts and forecasters establish an "indirect" coordination between the production companies. Conversely, the downstream activities, such as logistics management, experience strong competition between companies.

The textile-garment sector is, for me, a passionate area for research. It is more than just top models, catwalks and all that sparkles. It involves development and construction through different strategies, and this in an economic context which we know is quite unstable.

My research in this sector involves studying the evolution of logistics activities and the need for companies to understand the challenges involved in this activity, with view to mutualising it on the local level in terms of resources, such as logistics platforms and RFID. I am also interested in the jewellery sector; particularly the pearl industry in Polynesia. My work involves helping not just the development of collective projects but also inter-company cooperation in order to improve the economic performance of the region and its pearl industry.

Since the creation of the Masters Degree, Laetitia Dari lectures on logistics to Masters 1 student for 30 hours in the second semester. 

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