Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux

Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux is responsible for PR and Sponsorship at the MMM where she plays an essential role. She is also a visionary and finder of new talents. Not only does she listen attentively to the young fashion designers, but she also plays her part as an Ambassador of Fashion. She recounts the twenty five years since the creation of the Institut Mode Méditerranée fashion school. She also gives some ideas for the future.

Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux is a woman who gets involved and is determined to succeed. As she is always saying, she can't stop being what she is. In Paris, at the runway shows by Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Alaïa, Isabel Marant, everybody recognises her profile; she is enthusiastic yet fragile, and well-mannered. She never misses the opportunity to talk to journalists, buyers and major personalities in the fashion world, to convince them that the fashion industry in Marseille is dynamic, high quality and based on sound foundations. She is also adept at recounting the history of fashion in Marseille and its leading role in Mediterranean fashion design. After twenty years, everybody, unanimously salutes her determination. With the installation of the Maison Mode Méditerranée in its new premises, the organisation of the «Marseille M la Mode» exhibition as part of Marseille-Provence 2013 Capitale Européenne de la Culture, the launch of the Mediterranean Fashion Prize competition and a multitude of other projects, she still continues to support and assert her belief in Marseilles as a Capital of Fashion. 

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