Fashion Bachelor


This professional Bachelor meets a need in the fashion sector for young students qualified in management, merchandising, marketing, sourcing, manufacturing process, distribution, press and communication applied to the fashion trades. Graduated students benefit from a versatile knowledge of the product chain, from its conception to its distribution. It also benefits, through ERASMUS partnerships with Italy and Germany, courses given by academics from these countries.

It is a diploma of direct professional integration; following studies may exceptionally be considered (contact the training manager). The opportunities after this formation are:

  • Fashion designer,
  • Production and quality control manager of fashion products
  • Communication and distribution of fashion products
  • Fashion Product manager assistant
  • Community Manager
  • Assistant / store manager

Recruitment are based on file, tests (English and fashion culture) and possible interview of permanent candidates:

  • Holders of a Bac + 2 in various disciplines: marketing/management/fashion design/modelling/design/sales/production/quality control/information technology/foreign languages/international business/etc.
  • Foreign students holding a degree equivalent to the Bac + 2
  • Ongoing education interns after validation of acquired experience (VAE)

RDV since February on the plateform e-candidat.

Organisation of studies

This Bachelor is organized by approaching competences one by one. It is accessible on a work-study basis (Apprenticeship and professionalization contract), in VAE and in Continuing education. The educational program is based on 504 hours of instruction, 20% in English.

For work-study training, the schedule is: 37 weeks in the company and 15 weeks at the IUT. September at the IUT, then on average of three weeks in the company and one week at the IUT during the duration of the training.

For continuing education, an internship of 3 to 6 months is planned from October to August.



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