stéphanie marin

Born in 1973 at Marseilles, Stéphanie Marin created her company very early on in her career specialising in ecodesign.

In 1990 she made recycling textiles a trend, then she created her first line of ready-to-wear garments in 1995  « Habits Magiques », Magic Clothes, multi-purpose structures made from natural materials in artisanal colours, distributed by international brands in the fashion world.

Since 2004, she has extended her research to include design and habitat, but never stopped developing a design which is conscious of cultural, social and economic issues and risks.

Inspired by Nature, she reminds us through her work of her capacity to touch and move us, to surprise us, but at the same time to provide comfort and simplicity.

In 2004 she takes us along a shore with her collection Livingstones, pebble-like cushions.

In 2010 she designed the sailboat of the well known navigator Jean Pierre Dick, the Absolute Dreamer programme of a series of unique monohulls, which were light, fast and luxurious.

In 2011 she portrayed the creative face of a town through a guided visit of 50 original works by 50 contemporary artists who lived and worked there. The first volume of a collection of a different style of travel guides for the editor Bernard Chauveau.

In 2012 she designed a knife for the Forge de opportunity to work once again with Mauro Colagreco, the two Michelin star chef with his restaurant Le Mirazur at Menton.

Through all these projects she never stopped experimenting in different professional worlds, building her own universe, without limits, singular and intriguing. She makes coherent rhyme with surprising!

She is particularly interested in the osmosis between intention, and form and shape. Forms and shapes, the fulfilment of ideas, all  unusual and unconventional; her projects remind us how close the link is between art and design, between design and society, extending the place of the object from ephemeral stage design to designing the space itself. 


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stéphanie marin