Sandrine Montico

Mars'elle Mars'elle

After having worked for a long time as an assistant in a Danish company, Sandrine wanted to do something different with her life.
Her decision to do something creative was probably finally taken in 2012 when she moved into her new house, in her adopted village near to the Sainte-Victoire Mountain. The pleasant and happy atmosphere of the place was conducive to dreaming and creativity.
In 2013 she left the business world and worked towards the launch of her jewellery label "Mars'elle" which she created in 2014.
Sandrine enjoys observing the sensibility of women, which inspires her to create very feminine pieces of jewellery, not excessive or elaborate, but elegant and refined.
An aesthete  and imaginative, she takes an authentic approach to her work, both in terms of the way she makes her jewellery and the inspiration that drives her creativity.
Each piece in the collection is thought through to be harmonious with great attention to detail to transform the front or the back of a woman's neck, or her wrists. « For me, a piece of jewellery should add a little touch of your spirit, express your mood, what you are », she enjoys repeating.
If you want to define her creations, you have to use words like elegance, softness and gentleness, but also character, femininity and fantasy.
Refusing any particular label and always happy to surprise, « Mars’elle » is not a look, but more of a "stylish mood"!

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Mars'elle Mars'elle