Perl B

Riia Bernard-Paulin

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PERL B is a French/Finnish label born out of a love for design and noble, natural materials.

The label's creator, Riia Bernard-Paulin, comes from Helsinki, and has been living and working between her native city and Marseilles since 2009.

The work in her collections is influenced by the purity of Nordic design and the light and sunshine in Marseilles, which she translates through a large range of colours and printed fabrics. She gets her inspiration from the skills and know-how of craftsmen and women, transmitted from generation to generation, and the rejection of low quality products which do not last.

PERL B is proud to offer products which are entirely produced in French and Finnish workshops. This autumn is all about enjoying life and the people around us; preparing for a trip somewhere, a picnic, work, or long evenings with friends and family!

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© Perl B © Perl B