13 à l'aise

Badice Benarbia

portrait - Badice Benarbia - 13à l'aise

The fantastic adventure 13 à l'aise started in Marseille in 2010. Badice Benarbia is a young fashion designer passionate about comic strip albums. With experience in comic editing he wanted to portray the lifestyle in the South of France in an offbeat way by playing on its clichés.

The original spirit of the brand is, therefore, inspired by the universe of comic strip albums or BD in French: a family of 13 relaxed...13 à l'aise... their adventures on t-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, hats, bags and accessories. Since 2010 the label has had a real success, so the young designer has decided to open their first boutique, with a fisherman's hut style, in the heart of the historic district of Marseille.

More than a boutique, it is a haven of peace and quiet where you can find something really different and original - a concept which has appealed to a number of boutiques.

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portrait - Badice Benarbia - 13à l'aise